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Monthly Archive: December 2018

Why Pay For Organic Produce?

Years back when our grandparent were living, what was called food and consumed almost daily is now called organic food, sold with an exclusive price tag and hardly ever stored in our refrigerators. All things come with a price, and although settling for fast, cheap and easy food sounds convincingly convenient, these conventional mass produce can undoubtedly be a destruction for your health. Here’s five reasons why you should push a cartful of organic food when you’re strolling the super mark aisle for grocery shopping next time.

Get Rid Of Poisonous Pesticides

Be it meat from an organic animal farm Melbourne or mangoes from home gardens, fresh food is definitely healthier and safer despite the many debates on the fact that all food is the same whether they come with an ‘All Natural’ label or not. When you’re buying conventional food, you’re getting a pack of free pesticides that can remain in your body for years and have dangerous effects on your health. It doesn’t stop there. In fact, according to a recent study of Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, fruits and vegetables with a high level of pesticides can reduce women’s chances of conceiving and bearing children.

Support Local Farmers.

When you make a pledge to go organic, not only are you promising yourself a lot of nutrients but you are indirectly helping out the farmers in your country too. Finding natural food that is not fake is certainly a challenge these days when compared to years back. However with an increased demand for fresh food, these farmers are gaining support and feel motivated to invest in their passion and sometimes even go a step further and incorporate a petting zoo in order to market their products. They are always continuing to source healthier ways to enable you have a plate of salad that is actually nutritious so why not help them out?

Save The Environment.

Here’s one more opportunity for you to help protect and preserve the environment. If you didn’t know, organic farming can keep out toxic persistent pesticides which can possibly be a disaster for our environment, as they have a long term effect and resonate for soil erosion and groundwater pollution. Farm animals that are fed on grass than grain have a smaller impact on air quality and their surroundings, effectively reducing the carbon footprint.

Eat Food That Tastes better.

According to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition, organically produced fruits and vegetables will create its own antioxidants that will that will protect them against harm. And unlike conventional food which are induced with pesticides, these antioxidants will not only help us guard against our own diseases but enhance the taste of the produce and give a better aroma and flavour. In addition, the soil that is used to grow conventional crop contains high levels of Nitrogen from synthetic fertilizers which contribute to the reason for their bland taste.